Why partnering with us?
Since 2014, HMA has been passionately organizing running and sports events in Haramoun area- South Lebanon, with the support of generous sponsors, as well as the ministry of Youth and Sports.
HMA's events have attracted thousands of participants, professionals and amateurs, from all over Lebanon and abroad, as well as the national security forces and the UNIFIL, receiving attention and acclaim from officials.
In parallel to the race, we continue to work towards boosting “Haramoun Village” in Souk el Khan, a two days market close to the race area, allowing local producers to sell their handmade organic products over the race weekend.
Also we are proud to introduce, as of 2018, the “school race”, where public school students compete to win 6 university grants from the Lebanese International University (LIU).
Additionally, we introduced a camping activity for participants who wish to spend the night before the race under Souk el Khan’s majestic trees.
Supporting HMA’s events means supporting its rightful objectives, while giving your company or brand exposure in South Lebanon’s biggest event attended by thousands.
The races enjoy a great deal of media coverage on the day (live coverage on Al Jadeed TV and Voice of Lebanon radio), after intensive promotion weeks in advance on all media and social networks, such as MTV, Radio One, and Cinema Empire, to name a few.
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